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Cascade Server Upgrades

Cascade Server is upgraded periodically when Hannon Hill releases new versions. The server administrator may choose to install one release at a time or install multiple releases together. The most recent upgrades installed on the MSU Cascade Server are listed below.

Hannon Hill Release Notes provides a short description and Release Notes for the most recent releases. Refer to the Hannon Hill Release Archives web page for older upgrades.


Version 8.8.1

Upgraded February 14, 2018

Version 8.7.1

Upgraded December 27, 2017

Version 8.4.1

Upgraded July 19, 2017

Version 8.3

Upgraded June 6, 2017

Version 7.14.2

Upgraded: 8/21/2015

Version 7.12.4

Upgraded: 2/21/2015

Version 7.12.1

Upgraded: 9/30/2014

Version 7.10.2

Upgraded: 5/22/2014

Version 7.8.4

Upgraded: 2/13/2014

Version 7.6

Upgraded: 1/19/2014


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