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About Cascade Server

Cascade Server is an enterprise-level web content management system that improves site usability, provides easier and less costly maintenance of websites for university units, and assists with brand integration for Michigan State University websites.

Features of Cascade Server

Cascade Server uses flexible, open standards and provides many advanced features to assist with content management, collaboration, and site administration. Features of the system include:

Web-based application

  • Access Cascade Server directly from your web browser.

Site management

  • Control multiple websites from one application.
  • Set access rights so that only specific users can edit a particular page or group of pages.
  • Create flexible and custom user roles.
  • Create workflows for content approval.
  • Use check-in/check-out so that only one person at a time can edit a page.
  • Restore an older version of a web page or file.
  • Schedule times to publish content when you are out of the office.

Creating and editing pages

  • Single-click page creation for end users.
  • Edit content in a WYSIWYG field.
  • Preview your Web page or website before publishing.
  • Perform spell check and find locations of broken links.
  • Clean up poorly formatted HTML and XML.
  • Create search engine friendly URLs.
  • Display content in multiple data types, including HTML, PDF, and WAP.

Working with other technology

  • Display RSS feeds in your website using built-in Cascade Server functionality.
  • Cascade Server works well with PHP, ASP, and other server-side languages.

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