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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if Cascade Server is right for my unit?

Cascade Server is especially helpful for units that have the following needs and capabilities:

  • The unit has multiple sites that need to be managed.
  • The unit has multiple users who create content for the website.
  • The unit has a desire for centralized review and editing of content.
  • The unit has content (text or images) that needs to be shared across multiple areas.
  • The unit has a site that requires frequent updates.
  • The unit has some technical support to assist with template modifications or can budget for minimal support from the MSU Web Team.

Will Cascade Server be hosted centrally or locally?

Cascade Server will be hosted centrally through IT Services, but your website will be hosted at the location of your choice. Cascade Server is a “push” CMS system, meaning you manage content within the CMS and publish content to your web server where files are publicly accessed via the Internet.

How much does it cost to use Cascade Server?

Account setup fees and CMS storage space for up to 20GB of content have been subsidized by the MSU Web Team.

To use Cascade Server you will need to register any domain names you intend to use for your website, provide web hosting services where the CMS will publish content to, and provide funding for training courses your staff will attend to learn how to use the CMS.

Can I keep my current web address?


Will I be required to use certain templates?

We will provide standard templates for your use, or you can create custom templates. Training is required to build templates in the CMS and a programming background is necessary.

How much will the look and feel of my site be restricted if I’m part of the MSU-branded CMS templates?

The MSU-branded templates are consistent with the general style recommendations in the MSU Graphic Identity Standards and the MSU Web Style Guide.

How do I register/enroll for Cascade Server training?

Instructor-led training was discontinued as of December 31, 2016.  Online self-paced training modules will replace the classes and are currently in development.  The first modules are expected to be ready June 1, 2017.

Training modules will be provided at no charge to the MSU community. However you must register to use the modules as you would for any class at MSU’s D2L website.

An announcement and enrollment instructions will be provided in this website and via the Cascade Listserv when training modules become available.

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