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Quick Reference Guide

This short guide introduces some of the changes from Cascade version 7 to Cascade version 8.3. This is not an all-inclusive guide, but rather is intended to get you started.


The Main Interface and Toolbars

While the interface looks different in version 8 than it did in version 7, all the tools are still available. You just need to know where to look.

In version 8's main toolbar:

  • The home icon has changed.
  • The site dropdown is integrated into the main toolbar.
  • The “New” menu item is now called “Add Content.”
  • The “Administration” menu item is now called “Manage Site.”  (Note: Only users with the Administrator Role will see this link.)

The graphic below shows the change in the location of the tools.

Differences between Cascade 7 and Cascade 8 main navigation


The locations of some tools in the secondary toolbar have also changed. In version 7, the secondary toolbar displays across the top of the editing screen. In version 8, the secondary toolbar has been moved to the right side of the editing screen.

In version 8's secondary toolbar:

  • The “Edit” tab is now a box with a pencil icon.
  • The “Publish” tab is now a box with a cloud icon.
  • The “Move/Rename” tab, “Copy” tab, and “Relationships” tab are now combined in the items under the “More” box.

The graphic below shows the change in the location of the secondary toolbar items.

Secondary Toolbar Cascade 7 and Cascade 8


Submitting Changes (Edit)

Submitting changes to a web page is a three-step process in version 8. This is a one-step process in version 7.

How to Submit a Change

After editing a web page in Version 8, click “Save & Preview.”

Cascade 8 Submit and Change

Next, click “Submit.”

Cascade 8 Submit

You are given the opportunity to enter any comments about the changes that were made.

Click “Submit” at the bottom of the page, or if you wish to perform a spell check on this page, click “Check Content & Submit.”

Cascade 8 Check Content

You should receive a confirmation message that the changes have been saved and you are asked if you want to publish the changes.

Cascade 8 Confirmation after Submit


Site Structure Navigation

The folder and file structure of your site is still located on the left Asset Tree. Assets are listed in alphabetical order.

You can choose to view assets by “Assets Title” or “Display Name” when hovering over a folder. This viewing option can be changed in your Settings.

Cascade 8 Asset Tree

Clicking on a page displays that page in the right area of the editing screen. You then have the options to Edit, Publish, etc.

Clicking on a folder in the navigation area expands the folder to view the contents.

Clicking the black arrow to the right of the folder displays the folders contents in the right area of the screen.

Cascade 8 Folders

You can continue to work with the assets here or return to the navigation on the left side of the screen to select assets.